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October 28, 2016 Bagsy Beauty
Felicia farming - Women for Women International

Bagsy is proud to support the Women for Women International charity (Registered charity no: 1115109) by donating 15% of the retail price from every Bronzed Brilliance Shimmer Bronzer sold to it’s cause.

bronzed-brilliance-shimmer-powder_front-packagingSince 1993 Women for Women International has helped nearly 429,000 marginalised women in countries affected by war and conflict. They directly work with women in 8 countries, offering support, tools and access to life-changing skills, to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Meet Felicia:

women for women international

Felicia is a participant in the Women for Women International training programme. She is sponsored by Savannah Miller.

Felicia is 29 years old, married with two children. Her son is 5 years old and her daughter is 2 years old.

Felicia lives with her husband, children and mother-in-law in central Nigeria. Her husband is unemployed and does not provide for the family, so Felicia is the sole breadwinner for the household. She farms a small piece of land, where she grows maize and potatoes to sell. Felicia heard about the Women for Women International programme from an announcement made in her church.  She decided to join the programme because she hoped that it would help improve her life.

She says that taking part in the programme has made a great difference. She has gained knowledge on the importance of saving a portion of her income so as to take good care of herself and her children.  As a result, she was able to save from her monthly stipends to purchase a bag of fertilizer to apply on her maize and potato farm.

“Being able to buy a whole bag of fertilizer is a dream come true as I always believed that only the rich could afford it, but thanks to my sponsor sister I have been able to do what I believed only the rich could do.”

Felicia chose to learn knitting as her vocational skill on the Women for Women International programme. She would like to set up a knitting business, and plans to approach local schools to seek for contracts for knitting school sweaters and hats for students. She will also knit and sell sets of sweaters for new-born babies, children and adults. Felicia has made three close friends in the programme. They share experiences and encourage each other on issues concerning their families and business.

“I cannot begin to express what the Women for Women International programme has done for me. My life has greatly improved beyond what I ever imagined for myself. I pray the programme continues to change the lives of others as it has done to me.”

Join Savannah and help a woman like Felicia rebuild her life. Sponsor a sister today:

Women For Women International Registered charity no: 1115109

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  1. Brita Fernandez Schmidt 3 years ago

    Thank you so much to Bagsy and the wonderful Savannah – your support is incredible and your help in raising the voices of the women in countries affected by conflict is inspiring. Thank you!

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